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ProstaStream is a 100% all-natural formula designed to treat prostate problems. This supplement is formulated from 3 top organic ingredients and supporting elements– that have been carefully selected from a choice of up to 144 ingredients– to make this special blend. Combining the principles of medicine and holistic treatment, the formula is guaranteed to work.

The Formula is Easy to Take Each Day, and it Only Uses Natural Ingredients to Get the Desired Effect.

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What is ProstaStream?

what is ProstaStream

ProstaStream is a dietary supplement that aims to support a healthy prostate. More specifically, men who have been diagnosed with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) might find comfort in this all-natural solution. BPH is a condition where men experience enlargement in the prostate gland. Though scarce information is available on the mechanisms that drive BPH, it has since been disclosed that factors including changes to the male sex hormones and age play a significant role.

Nonetheless, an enlargement in the prostate is said to put immense pressure on the bladder and urethra (i.e., the tube that allows the flow of urine). Unfortunately, this means nothing but hindrances, as the latter are the reasons why men face a wide range of symptoms, from frequent trips to the bathroom and pain while urinating to the inability to release urine from the bladder completely

As explained on the official sales page, ProstaStream, which appears to have been created by Frank Neal, aims to address the root causes of an enlarged prostate. Interestingly, Frank believes that society’s claims that age and changes to male sex hormones are the only known factors don’t paint the complete picture. What might be the missing piece(s)? It turns out that inadequate inflammatory response and immune system are issues that trigger enlarged prostates. By reversing the additional factors, one’s prostate health is trusted to get better with time.

With all of the aforementioned in mind, the only way to fully understand the ProstaStream formula is by studying the selected ingredients that make-or-break prostate health!

It is a non-GMO product which means there are no stimulants, harmful synthetics or other dangerous substances added in the supplement that can potentially threaten the health of the user taking it.

ProstaStream Users Reviews

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ProstaStream Customer Review

This product has been life changing for me...

I was a saint to BHP. Endorsed drugs didn't help a great deal, and caused extreme unfriendly responses. ProstaStream, in its turn, facilitated the indications easily and helped with mending my prostate.

Daniel Coates,60, Akron, Ohio.

  • Verified Buyer

ProstaStream Customer Review

It works almost instantly...

I was determined to have prostatic hypertrophy a year prior. My medical care supplier said it's a generally expected condition for the man of my age, and recommended a couple of drugs. I've attempted every one of them. Nothing worked. The other way around, I encountered the most exceedingly terrible secondary effects conceivable. Along these lines, I chose to search for the arrangement on the web. ProstaStream was the most famous enhancement on gatherings, and I chose to attempt it. Simply in about fourteen days, I disposed of my urinary issues. Furthermore the specialist noticed the improvement also.

Charlie Shauzman. 50, from Michigan

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ProstaStream Customer Review

This stuff is a game changer.

I was experiencing incontinentia for quite a long time, I presume. It started startlingly, and I was certainly not prepared to it. Recommended prescriptions didn't help, so I chose to attempt normal guides. ProstaStream was my companion's idea. Furthermore I thought in the event that it'd helped him, it would work without a doubt. Also that is what occurred! Presently, I control my restroom visits and carry on with typical life.

Karson Wang, 45, Honolulu, Hawaii.

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  • ProstaStream Price

The ProstaStream offers its customers an array of discounts and saving options to choose from. Below is the gist of their bundles that are specifically designed in accordance with your personal spending preferences and budget:

Best Value: 6 Bottles for a 180 Day Supply – $49.00 per bottle – plus FREE Shipping for U.S orders

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Basic Deal: 1 Bottle for a 30 Day Supply – $69.00 per bottle – plus FREE Shipping for U.S. orders

Get your discounts and bundle deals today because this is a limited-time offer. Stocks are also limited due to customer demand. Be sure to get your orders into today so you can better manage and improve your prostate health

Advantages of ProstaStream

  • ProstaStream can improve and protect the user’s prostate health and prevent the development of cancer.
  • It can relieve you from the burning sensation when urinating and can also eliminate the discomfort brought by the BPH symptoms.
  • You will no longer feel like you have to frequently urinate and restore your bladder’s health.
  • ProstaStream can prevent the embarrassing uncontrollable excretion when you urinate.
  • The supplement can improve your sexual health.
  • You are able to control your bladder and you will achieve deep sleep.
  • The supplement is made from natural ingredients with no stimulants. It is safe to take with 0 side effects.
  • The 60-day money-back guarantee makes you feel risk-free with its purchase.
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ProstaStream made in USA

Made In The USA

ProstaStream 100% natural

100% All Natural

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  • ProstaStream Dosage

Each ProstaStream bottle comprises 30 capsules, As the recommended dosage, take two capsules of ProstaStream daily with large meals. Many people like to take the capsules in the morning with their breakfast so they can experience the outcomes throughout the day.

Who Create of Dibacore

Who Create of ProstaStream

The sales page insists that an individual named Frank Neal created the ProstaStream formula. Frank claims to have spent years of personal trials and experiments before arriving at his so-called “special blend of ingredients which may help anyone support a healthy prostate.” The main concern is that we know close to nothing about Frank and the manufacturing company. In fact, “Frank Neal” is just a pen name used to protect the author’s identity.

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ProstaStream Ingredients

  • Plant sterol complex:

Plant Sterol Complex is a group of substances made in plants and is used in making medicine. It is used in reducing cholesterol levels.

  • Copper:

Copper is best for the body when it is combined with iron, supporting the red blood cells. It can support the health of the bones, nerves, and immune system. It has also been linked to the prevention of cardiovascular disease.

  • Zinc:

Zinc helps in the smooth functioning of the immune system and is good for metabolism. It also helps with healing and faster recovery. It is difficult for vegetarians to get a rich source of zinc and ProstaStream has a supplement-friendly version of zinc incorporated into it.

  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E:

Our body cannot produce Vitamin B6, so it is important to obtain it, whether from food or supplements. It promotes the creation of red blood cells and is beneficial for metabolism. It promotes brain health and protects us from chronic diseases that can harm us in the long run. Vitamin E is ideal for damage repair and boosts the immune system. It helps in the quick recovery of the body.

  • Selenium:

Selenium is a well-researched ingredient that also offers antioxidant protection. This ingredient can defend the body against heart disease, though it is also linked to thyroid health. Some people use it to support their immunity, while others can reduce their risk of cancer. However, the evidence of the latter use case is still limited.

  • Broccoli leaf extracts:

Broccoli leaf extract boasts numerous health benefits. The most significant ones include promoting stomach health and fighting h. pylori, tackling prostate cancer, and allergens.

  • Green tea:

Green tea is generally consumed because of its rich source of a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate, one of the fewest potent antioxidants known to humanity. The latter allows this ingredient to shine in different health-related areas, including brain function, fat accumulation, heart health, and cancers, prostate being one of them as well.

  • Pygeum africanum bark:

Extracted from the bark of the African cherry tree, this herb is known for its superior prostate healing properties. The bark is particularly effective at treating symptoms of enlarged prostate and prostate cancer. Furthermore, this herbal extract reduces pain caused by inflammation and urinary problems whilst boosting sexual drive.

  • Tomato fruit powder:

Tomato Fruit Powder has proven to have prodigious medicinal properties which can be used for treating the inflammation of the prostate. It contains Lycopene, which is an effective antioxidant. Even consuming tomatoes has been associated with boosting prostate health. It can work well to revitalize a person’s overall well-being.

  • Cat’s claw:

Cat’s claw has been used for many different purposes and health conditions, especially ones that are brought on by viruses. Along with the ability to support healing from viral infections, this ingredient can help consumers with Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, colitis, or hemorrhoids.


ProstaStream 60  Days money back Guaranty

Our investment is covered by a 60-Day, 100% Money-Back GUARANTEE. If for any reason it isn’t working for you, just call or email ProstaStream US based customer service team and we’ll give you every penny of your money back.

Scientific Evidence for ProstaStream

As mentioned above, ProstaStream seems to contain some good ingredients for prostate health, including zinc, copper, and plant sterols.

To be clear, there’s no known cure for benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate. Doctors recommend medications, therapies, and diet changes that could reduce the size of your prostate. However, once your prostate starts growing, it typically continues to grow unless you start medical therapy.

In other words, we’re skeptical that ProstaStream can give you a “BPH-free life” as mentioned on the supplement’s sales page.

WebMD recently analyzed prostate supplements like ProstaStream to see if they help with BPH. WebMD mentions that the best prostate supplements contain the following four ingredients:



Rye grass

Saw palmetto

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

it varies from person to person.

The workings of the human body are unique to a person and this is why every person reacts differently to medicines and supplements. This is a major factor that controls the result.

Despite that, it takes 2 – 3 months to see the effects of ProstaStream pills. The problem with a lot of people is that they want to see quick results and give up within a month.

To see the most favorable results, you need to take the pills for three months with a healthy diet.

Regarding FDA Approval

If you are planning to try any supplement, it is important to look for its reliability. One of the ways to do so is to check whether it is manufactured under precise standards. Thankfully, ProstaStream is manufactured in an FDA-compliant facility in the USA, using clean and sterile apparatuses.

Usually, you might see supplements that claim to be approved by the FDA. However, to your knowledge, FDA’s duty is to inspect facilities where a particular supplement is manufactured. So that they can ensure whether it is safe for regular intake, or would it cause any side effects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does ProstaStream Cause Side Effects?

The product consists of all-natural composition from herbal extracts that guarantee results without any harm. No ProstaStream reviews are suggesting the product poses any danger when used.

How long will it take to receive ProstaStream?

On average, it can take 5 to 7 business days and up to 15 business days for orders shipped to the U.S. and international locations, respectively.

What if it doesn’t work?

ProstaStream is a risk-free investment, meaning that you will be given a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee once you order the supplement. If you don’t get satisfied with the product, you can immediately send an email for a full refund. All their contact information is on the official website.

Are there any additional fees associated with the purchase?

No. There are no hidden fees to pay while purchasing the product.

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